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Hearing on this bill: January 26


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The Environment and Agriculture committee voted to recommend that the House NOT approve HB1674. The House will discuss the bill, and decide if they should accept the committee’s recommendation on Wednesday, February 10.

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Majority and Minority Reports
NH Right to Know GMO: Rebuttal to Majority Report


Editorial by Co-Sponsor, Rep. James McConnell

Editorial by Leaders of Environment & Agriculture Committee

Letters to the Editor

What would HB 1674 do?
Passage of HB 1674 WOULD:

  1. Reduce and prevent consumer confusion and inadvertent deception and promote the disclosure of factual information on food labels;

  2. Create additional market opportunities for New Hampshire producers who are not certified organic producers and whose products are not produced using genetic engineering;

  3. Ensure consumers are provided with data from which they may make informed decisions for personal, health, environmental, religious, cultural or ethical reasons;

  4. Serve as a risk management tool enabling consumers, physicians and scientists to identify unintended health effects resulting from the consumption of genetically engineered foods.

  5. Give NH citizens the same rights as the citizens in 64 other countries. ALL industrialized countries except US and Canada have GMO labeling laws or outright bans.

  1. Forbid genetically engineered foods from being labeled as “natural.”

  2. Give your constituents transparency, and the right to make informed decisions. Polls consistently show that a vast majority of the public — in NH and nationally — want a labeling law.

Passage of HB 1674 WOULD NOT:

  1. Apply to restaurants, alcoholic beverages or medical food

  1. Apply to foods derived from an animal that was fed GE feed, unless the animal itself was genetically engineered (i.e. salmon)

  1. Cause an increase to the cost of foods. (Other countries have not experienced price increases)

  1. Contribute to a “patchwork quilt” of different laws, as this conforms to other laws recently passed in VT, CT and ME, as well as pending legislation in MA and RI. 

  1. HB1674 does not ban genetically engineered or genetically modified crops or products; it is a labeling bill.

What is HB 1674?

House Bill 1674, “An act requiring the labeling of genetically engineered foods” is a pending law that will require the labeling of genetically engineered or genetically modified organisms sold in New Hampshire.

HB1674 would bring New Hampshire in line with other New England states that have passed, or are working on, similar legislation. Connecticut, Maine and Vermont have all passed labeling laws, with Vermont’s scheduled to go into effect on July 1, 2016. Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and many other states, are working on similar legislation. More than 60 other countries already require labeling.

Our bill is similar to those that have already passed in Vermont, Connecticut and Maine. There is NO patchwork quilt of different state laws; we all have the same definitions, exemptions and requirements.

Bill Language:

The text of HB1674 can be viewed at:

Find your Rep(s) at http://bit.ly/NHRTK-FindMyRep


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