Vote results:185:162 against NH’s GMO labeling bill

Remember that the vote was to overturn the recommendation that the bill was Inexpedient to Legislate.

An “AYE” meant that the Rep wanted to “Kill the Bill.”

A “NAY” meant that the Rep disagreed with the committee’s recommendation, and want, at the very least, to hear more discussion, and was willing to keep an open mind. 

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Note that, unlike the list from the State, our list also has the Town the Rep lives in. Also note that your Rep may cover more than one town.

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This is sorted by the Representatives' last names.

Sadly, we needed only 23 more votes to overturn the ITL. We also could have overturned the recommendation of the ITL had only 12 of the Reps voted differently.

This list is broken into four sections: Those who voted to allow the bill to be heard on the floor, those who voted against the bill, those who did not vote, and those who were excused. Where does your rep fall on this page?

Remember some Reps cover more than just their own town. (Don’t know who they are? Find them at


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On January 22, 2014, HB660 came before the NH House of Representatives for a vote.

Because the Environment & Agriculture Committee recommended that HB660 was ITL (inexpedient to legislate or kill the bill), we had a bigger challenge. (See vote results of the E&A committee at When HB660 was brought forward on January 22, the first order of business was to vote to overturn that recommendation from the committee. After some debate, the House voted with the committee’s recommendation, and HB660 died before the recommended amendment had the opportunity to be introduced.

(That amendment has been resurrected, and was submitted to the NH Senate as SB411.)

Sadly, we needed only 23 more votes to overturn the ITL. We could have overturned the recommendation of the ITL had only 12 of the Reps who voted against it changed their vote.

You can find information about your Rep, including their contact information and their voting record on all issues, here:

Scroll down to find how they voted on HB660.

  1. Aguiar, James D; Campton

  2. Ahlgren, Christopher J; Wolfeboro

  3. Belanger, Ronald J; Salem

  4. Bradley, Lester W; Thornton

  5. Carroll, Douglas L; Nashua

  6. Charron, Gene P; Chester

  7. Connor, Evelyn M; Weare

  8. Cormier, Jane; Alton

  9. Emerson, Susan; Rindge

  10. Friel, William G; Atkinson

  11. Harding, Laurie; Lebanon

  12. Hayes, Jack; Atkinson

  13. Helmstetter, Barbara S; Epping

  14. Irwin, Virginia; Newport

  15. Ketel, Stephen M; Dover

  16. Lundgren, David C; Londonderry

  1. Alicea, Caroletta C; Boscawen

  2. Andrews-Ahearn, E. Elaine; Hampton Falls

  3. Arsenault, Beth R; Laconia

  4. Baber, William S; Dover

  5. Backus, Robert A; Manchester

  6. Bartlett, Christy D; Concord

  7. Beaulieu, Jane E; Manchester

  8. Belanger, James P; Hollis

  9. Benn, Bernard L; Hanover

  10. Bick, Patrick J; Salem

  11. Birdsell, Regina M; Hampstead

                (Reportedly this vote was in error, and

                Rep. Birdsell thought she was voting

                against the bill, not the ITL.)

  1. Bixby, Peter W; Dover

  2. Booras, Efstathia C; Nashua

  3. Borden, David A; New Castle

  4. Briden, Steven J; Exeter

  5. Brown, Pamela T; Nashua

  6. Brown, Rebecca A; Sugar Hill

  7. Burdwood, Greg; Dover

  8. Burke, Rachel B; Farmington

  9. Burns, Scott A; Franklin

  10. Burtis, Elizabeth B; Derry

  11. Butler, Edward A; Harts Location

  12. Butynski, William; Hinsdale

  13. Byron, Frank A; Litchfield

  14. Cahill, Michael D; Newmarket

  15. Cali-Pitts, Jacqueline A; Portsmouth

  16. Carey, Lorrie J; Boscawen

  17. Carson, Clyde J; Warner

  18. Chandley, Shannon E; Amherst

  19. Chase, Cynthia L; Keene

  20. Cloutier, John R; Claremont

  21. Comerford, Timothy P; Fremont

  22. Cooney, Mary R; Plymouth

  23. Cote, David E; Nashua

  24. Coulombe, Gary M; Berlin

  25. Crawford, Karel A; Ctr Harbor

  26. Cushing, Robert R; Hampton

  27. Danais, Romeo; Nottingham

  28. Davis, Frank W; Pembroke

  29. Devine, James E; Sandown

  30. DiMartino, Lisa; Laconia

  31. DiSilvestro, Linda A; Manchester

  32. Dobson, Jeremy S; Manchester

  33. Doolan, Ralph J; Littleton

  34. Dumaine, Dudley D; Auburn

  35. Eaton, Daniel A; Stoddard

  36. Ebel, Karen E; New London

  37. Elliott, Robert J; Salem

  38. Emerson-Brown, Rebecca; Portsmouth

  39. Ferrante, Beverly A; Derry

  40. Flanagan, Jack B; Brookline

  41. Flockhart, Eileen C; Exeter

  42. Ford, Susan M; Easton

  43. Frazer, June M; Concord

  44. French, Barbara C; Henniker

  45. Friedrich, Carol H; Wentworth

  46. Gagne, Larry G; Manchester

  47. Gale, Sylvia E; Nashua

  48. Gile, Mary Stuart; Concord

  49. Grady, Brenda E; Merrimack

  50. Grassie, Anne C; Rochester

  51. Grenier, James L; Lempster

  52. Grossman, Kenneth; Barrington

  53. Gulick, Ruth P; New Hampton

  54. Hammon, Marcia; Whitefield

  55. Hammond, Jill S; Peterborough

  56. Hansberry, Daniel C; Nashua

  57. Harriott-Gathright, Linda; Nashua

  58. Harris, Jeffrey F; Epping

  59. Heath, Mary; Manchester

  60. Heden, Ruth S; Milford

  61. Heffron, Frank H; Exeter

  62. Henle, Paul J; Concord

  63. Higgins, Patricia C; Hanover

  64. Hirsch, Geoffrey D; Bradford

  65. Holmes, Stephen; Alton

  66. Hopper, Gary S; Weare

  67. Horrigan, Timothy O; Durham

  68. Hunt, Jane J; Concord

  69. Itse, Daniel C; Fremont

  1. Jack, Martin L; Nashua

  2. Jeudy, Jean L; Manchester

  3. Johnsen, Gladys; Keene

  4. Karrick, David B; Warner

  5. Knowles, Mary Ann; Hudson

  6. Kurk, Neal M; Weare

  7. Lefebvre, Benjamin P; Grantham

  8. Levesque, Melanie A; Brookline

  9. Ley, Douglas A; Jaffrey

  10. Long, Patrick T; Manchester

  11. Lovett, Sid; Holderness

  12. MacKay, Mariellen J; Nashua

  13. Malloy, Dennis J; Barrington

  14. Manley, Jonathan F; Bennington

  15. Mann, John E; Alstead

  16. Mann, Maureen R; Deerfield

  17. Massimilla, Linda; LIttleton

  18. McNamara, Richard D; Hillsborough

  19. Menear, H. Robert; Durham

  20. Merrill, Amanda A; Durham

  21. Miller, David P; Rochester

  22. Moffett, Howard M; Canterbury

  23. Moody, Marcia G; Newmarket

  24. Moynihan, Wayne T; Dummer

  25. Mulholland, Catherine; Grafton

  26. Murphy, Kelleigh D; Bedford

  27. Myler, Mel; Contoocook

  28. Nelson, Bill G; Brookfield

  29. Nordgren, Sharon; Hanover

  30. O'Hearne, Andrew S; Claremont

  31. Pastor, Beatriz; Lyme

  32. Pelletier, Marsha L; Dover

  33. Perry, Robert J; Strafford

  34. Phillips, Larry R; Keene

  35. Piper, Wendy A; Enfield

  36. Rappaport, Laurence M; Colebrook

  37. Ratzki, Mario F; East Andover

  38. Raymond, Ian P; Sanbornton

  39. Rice, Chip L; Concord

  40. Richardson, Gary B; Hopkinton

  41. Roberts, Kris E; Keene

  42. Robertson, Timothy N; Keene

  43. Rogers, Katherine D; Concord

  44. Rollo, Deanna S; Rollinsford

  45. Rosenwald, Cindy; Nashua

  46. Schlachman, Donna L; Exeter

  47. Schmidt, Janice E; Nashua

  48. Schmidt, Peter B; Dover

  49. Shattuck, Gilman C; Hillsborough

  50. Shaw, Barbara E; Manchester

  51. Shepardson, Marjorie J; Marlborough

  52. Sherman, Thomas M; Rye

  53. Smith, Steven D; Charlestown

  54. Smith, Suzanne J; Hebron

  55. Smith, Timothy J; Manchester

  56. Spang, Judith T; Durham

  57. Spratt, Stephen P; Greenville

  58. St.James, Kevin P; Kingston

  59. Sullivan, Daniel J; Manchester

  60. Sykes, George E; Lebanon

  61. Tanner, Linda L; Georges Mills

  62. Tasker, Kyle J; Nottingham

  63. Thomas, Yvonne D; Berlin

  64. Ticehurst, Susan J; Tamworth

  65. Till, Mary L; Derry

  66. Turcotte, Alan J; Allenstown

  67. Umberger, Karen C; Kearsarge

  68. Vail, Suzanne M; Nashua

  69. Vaillancourt, Steve; Manchester

  70. Wallner, Mary Jane; Concord

  71. Walz, Mary Beth E; Bow

  72. Ward, Gerald W.R.; Portsmouth

  73. Ward, Kenneth J; Rollinsford

  74. Watrous, Rick H; Concord

  75. Wazlaw, Brian; Portsmouth

  76. Weed, Charles F; Keene

  77. White, Syndi G; North Conway

  78. Whittemore, Lisa I; Londonderry

  79. Williams, Kermit R; Wilton

  80. Winters, Joel F; Nashua

  81. Woodbury, David; New Boston

  82. Worsman, Colette; Meredith


These 162 Representatives may or many not have supported HB660. We can’t tell how they would have ultimately voted. However, at the very least, they all had the courtesy to vote to overturn the ITL recommendation for HB660, which would have allowed it to be fully heard on the floor. 

These 185 Representatives voted against the wishes of 90% of NH Citizens. They did not even allow HB660 to be fully heard on the floor.

  1. Abrami, Patrick F; Stratham

  2. Allen, Mary M; Newton

  3. Almy, Susan W; Lebanon

  4. Ames, Richard; Jaffrey

  5. Andrews, Christopher R; Bow

  6. Bailey, Brad; Monroe

  7. Baldasaro, Alfred P; Londonderry

  8. Barry, Richard W; Merrimack

  9. Beaudoin, Steven P; Rochester

  10. Berch, Paul S; Westmoreland

  11. Berube, Roger R; Somersworth

  12. Bickford, David A; New Durham

  13. Bishop, Franklin C; Raymond

  14. Boehm, Ralph G; Litchfield

  15. Boisvert, Ronald R; Manchester

  16. Bouchard, Candace C W; Concord

  17. Buco, Thomas L; Conway

  18. Burchell, Richard B; Gilmanton Iron Works

  19. Burt, John A; Goffstown

  20. Campbell, David B; Nashua

  21. Cebrowski, John W; Bedford

  22. Chandler, Gene G; Bartlett

  23. Chirichiello, Brian K; Derry

  24. Christiansen, Lars T; Hudson

  25. Coffey, James E; New Ipswich

  26. Comtois, Guy; Center Barnstead

  27. Copeland, Timothy D; Stratham

  28. Cordelli, Glenn; Tuftonboro

  29. Culbert, Patrick L; Pelham

  30. Daniels, Gary L; Milford

  31. Danielson, David J; Bedford

  32. DeSimone, Debra L; Atkinson

  33. Duarte, Joe; Candia

  34. Eaton, Richard S; Greenville

  35. Emerick, J. Tracy; Hampton

  36. Fesh, Robert M; Derry

  37. Fields, Dennis H; Sanbornton

  38. Fink, Charles R; Belmont

  39. Flanders, Donald H; Laconia

  40. Frambach, Mary E; Epsom

  41. Gage, Ruth E; Goffstown

  42. Gagnon, Raymond G; Claremont

  43. Garcia, Bianca R; Salem

  44. Garcia, Marilinda J; Salem

  45. Garcia, Michael A; Nashua

  46. Gardner, Janice S; Dover

  47. Gargasz, Carolyn M; Hollis

  48. Gionet, Edmond D; Lincoln

  49. Goley, Jeffrey P; Manchester

  50. Gordon, Richard E; East Kingston

  51. Gorman, Mary J; Nashua

  52. Gottling, Suzanne H; Sunapee

  53. Grace, Curtis W; Brentwood

  54. Graham, John A; Bedford

  55. Gray, James P; Rochester

  56. Greemore, Robert H; Meredith

  57. Griffin, Mary E; Windham

  58. Groen, Warren J; Rochester

  59. Hackel, Paul L; Nashua

  60. Haefner, Robert H; Hudson

  61. Hagan, Joseph M; Chester

  62. Hansen, Peter T; Amherst

  63. Hatch, William A; Gorham

  64. Hikel, John A; Goffstown

  65. Hinch, Richard W; Merrimack

  66. Hodgdon, Bruce E; Northwood

  67. Hoell, J.R.; Dunbarton

  68. Hoelzel, Kathleen M; Raymond

  69. Hooper, Dorothea D; Dover

  70. Hunt, John B; Rindge

  71. Huot, David O; Laconia

  72. Infantine, William J; Manchester

  73. Introne, Robert E; Londonderry

  74. Jasper, Shawn N; Hudson

  75. Johnson, Jane B; Swanzey

  76. Jones, Laura M; Rochester

  77. Kappler, Lawrence M; Raymond

  78. Katsiantonis, Thomas; Manchester

  79. Kelley, John D; Nashua

  80. Khan, Aboul B; Seabrook

  81. Kidder, David H; New London

  82. Kolodziej, Walter; Windham

  83. Kopka, Angeline A; Nashua

  84. Kotowski, Frank R; Hooksett

  85. Ladd, Rick M; Haverhill

  86. Lambert, George A; Litchfield

  87. Lauer, Linda D; Bath

  88. Lavender, Tom; Brookfield

  89. LeBrun, Donald L; Nashua

  90. Leishman, Peter R; Peterborough

  91. Lerandeau, Alfred C; N. Swanzey

  92. LeVasseur, Richard D; Hudson

  93. Lockwood, Priscilla P; Canterbury

  1. Lovejoy, Patricia T; Stratham

  2. MacKay, James R; Concord

  3. Mangipudi, Latha; Nashua

  4. Marston, Dick; Manchester

  5. McCarthy, Michael J; Nashua

  6. McConkey, Mark E; Freedom

  7. McGuire, Carol M; Epsom

  8. McGuire, Dan; Epsom

  9. McKinney, Betsy; Londonderry

  10. McMahon, Charles E; Windham

  11. Meaney, Richard E; Goffstown

  12. Merrow, Harry C; Ctr Ossipee

  13. Milz, David E; Derry

  14. Mullen, John A; Middleton

  15. Muns, Chris; Hampton

  16. Murphy, Keith; Bedford

  17. Nigrello, Robert L; East Kingston

  18. Notter, Jeanine M; Merrimack

  19. O'Brien, Michael B; Nashua

  20. O'Connor, John T; Derry

  21. O'Flaherty, Tim; Manchester

  22. O'Neil, William J; Manchester

  23. Ober, Lynne M; Hudson

  24. Ober, Russell T; Hudson

  25. Oligny, Jeffrey D; Plaistow

  26. Osgood, Joe; Claremont

  27. Palmer, Stephen J; Milford

  28. Pantelakos, Laura C; Portsmouth

  29. Parison, James A; New Ipswich

  30. Parkhurst, Henry A. L.; Winchester

  31. Patten, Dick W; Concord

  32. Peckham, Michele S; North Hampton

  33. Pellegrino, Tony J; Merrimack

  34. Peterson, Lenette M; Merrimack

  35. Pitre, Joseph A; Farmington

  36. Porter, Marjorie A; Hillsborough

  37. Pratt, Calvin D; Goffstown

  38. Ramsey, Peter E; Manchester

  39. Reilly, Harold T; Hill

  40. Renzullo, Andrew; Hudson

  41. Rhodes, Brian D; Nashua

  42. Rice, Frederick C; Hampton

  43. Richardson, Herbert D; Lancaster

  44. Rideout, Leon H; Lancaster

  45. Rogers, Rose Marie; Rochester

  46. Rokas, Ted; Manchester

  47. Rollins, Skip; Newport

  48. Sad, Tara A; Walpole

  49. Sanborn, Laurie J; Bedford

  50. Sandblade, Emily C; Manchester

  51. Sanders, Elisabeth N; Danville

  52. Scarlotto, Joe W; Portsmouth

  53. Schamberg, Thomas C; Wilmot

  54. Schmidt, Andrew R; Grantham

  55. Schmidt, Stephen J; Wolfeboro

  56. Schroadter, Adam R; Newmarket

  57. Schuett, Dianne E; Pembroke

  58. Shackett, Jeffrey S; Bridgewater

  59. Shurtleff, Stephen J; Penacook

  60. Smith, Marjorie K; Durham

  61. Smith, Todd P; Hooksett

  62. Soucy, Timothy A; Nashua

  63. Souza, Kathleen F; Manchester

  64. Spainhower, Dale S; Somersworth

  65. Stevens, Audrey M; Rochester

  66. Straight, Phillip N; Merrimack

  67. Stroud, Kathleen M; Merrimack

  68. Sullivan, Peter M; Manchester

  69. Sweeney, Joe; Salem

  70. Sweeney, Shawn P; Milford

  71. Sylvia, Michael J; Belmont

  72. Takesian, Charlene F; Pelham

  73. Tatro, Bruce L; Swanzey

  74. Theberge, Robert L; Berlin

  75. Tilton, Franklin T; Laconia

  76. Townsend, Charles L; Canaan

  77. Tucker, Pamela Z; Greenland

  78. Vadney, Herbert R; Meredith

  79. Verschueren, James; Dover

  80. Villeneuve, Moe; Bedford

  81. Wall, Janet G; Madbury

  82. Walsh, Robert M; Manchester

  83. Walsh, Thomas C; Hooksett

  84. Warden, Mark; Manchester

  85. Waterhouse, Kevin K; Windham

  86. Webb, James C; Derry

  87. Webb, Leigh A; Franklin

  88. Weber, Lucy M; Walpole

  89. Weyler, Kenneth L; Kingston

  90. White, Andrew A; Lebanon

  91. Willette, Robert F; Milford

  92. Young, Harry L; Jaffrey


  1. Azarian, Gary S; Salem

  2. Enman, Larry S; Errol

  3. Gidge, Kenneth N; Nashua

  4. Hess, David W; Hooksett ***

  5. Hubbard, Pamela J; Rochester

  6. Kaen, Naida L; Lee **

  7. Katsiantonis, George; Manchester

  8. Kelly, Sally H; Chichester

  9. Luther, Robert A; Laconia

MOST of these 17 did not vote on the bill before or after HB660.

  1. *    Voted on the bill before HB660, but did not vote on HB660, or the bill after HB660.
        Rep. John Sytek, Salem

**    Vote on the bill after HB660, but did not vote on HB660, or the bill before HB660.

      Rep. Naida Kaen, Lee

***  Voted on the bills before and after HB660, but not HB660.

      Rep David Hess, Hooksett; Rep. Frank Sapareto, Derry; Rep. Cynthia Sweeney, Charlestown

  1. Major, Norman L; Plaistow

  2. Norelli, Terie; Portsmouth

  3. Palangas, Eric; Manchester

  4. Reed, Dennis; Franklin

  5. Sapareto, Frank V; Derry ***

  6. Sweeney, Cynthia P; Charlestown  ***

  7. Sytek, John; Salem *

  8. Williams, Carol A; Manchester


Some of these are known to be ill.

  1. Martel, Andre A; Manchester

  2. McCloskey, David; Manchester

  3. Murotake, David K; Nashua

  4. Nelson, Mary S; Nashua

  5. O'Brien, William L; Mont Vernon

  6. Packard, Sherman A; Londonderry

  7. Parsons, Robbie L; Milton

  8. Perkins, Amy S; Seabrook

  9. Perkins, Lawrence B; Seabrook

  10. Priestley, Anne K; Salem

  11. Rowe, Robert H; Amherst

  12. Sedensky, John B; Hampstead

  13. Tamburello, Daniel J; Londonderry

  14. Ulery, Jordan G; Hudson

  15. Wright, Donald S; Moultonborough